Glenn T. Harris Bathroom Renovation in the West Midlands

Client Background: Glenn T. Harris, a reputable construction and renovation company, undertook a bathroom renovation project for a discerning client in the West Midlands seeking to revamp their outdated bathroom space.


  • Upgrade the bathroom to a contemporary design.
  • Improve functionality and optimise space utilisation.
  • Enhance overall aesthetic appeal.
  • Utilise high-quality and durable materials.

Scope of Work: Glenn T. Harris, known for their expertise in delivering exceptional construction projects, embarked on a comprehensive bathroom renovation by following a systematic approach:

Consultation and Design Collaboration: The client’s preferences were carefully considered during the consultation phase to understand their vision for the bathroom. Collaborating closely, Glenn T. Harris’s design team proposed a contemporary layout with modern fixtures and efficient use of space.

Fixture and Material Selection: Glenn T. Harris assisted the client in selecting top-tier fixtures, tiles, and fittings. Choices were made based on a combination of aesthetics, durability, and functionality, with an emphasis on sustainability.

Demolition and Preparation: The existing bathroom was systematically dismantled to make way for the new design. Plumbing and electrical adjustments were made to accommodate the upgraded fixtures.

Professional Installation: Glenn T. Harris’s skilled team meticulously installed the chosen fixtures, tiles, and cabinetry, ensuring precision in every aspect of the project. Attention was given to plumbing and electrical work to meet safety standards.

Finishing Touches: The final phase involved detailed finishing touches, including grouting, painting, and a thorough cleanup. A final walkthrough was conducted to ensure the client’s satisfaction.

Outcome: The bathroom renovation project executed by Glenn T. Harris successfully transformed the space into a modern, stylish, and functional area. The client, delighted with the outcome, now enjoys a revitalised bathroom that aligns with contemporary aesthetics. The project not only showcased Glenn T. Harris’s commitment to excellence but also reinforced their reputation for delivering quality craftsmanship in the West Midlands.