New Build

Glenn T Harris Limited has years of experience in new build properties and for-fill the role of principal contractor. Setting up the site, sourcing specialist labour and materials to achieve obligations and client requirements. Our commitment to the clients brief and business case, ensure the success of their masterplan that results in quality homes.

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Whether it’s a new town house, traditional cottage or a bungalow, we have the dedication to see the job through from inception to completion. People want a home that perfectly accommodates an ever-changing lifestyle, and we are well equipped to deliver that reality for you.

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We have over two decades experience working in the building industry, helping to turn our client’s dreams of the perfect home, into a reality. We’ve a reputation for both technical skill and the ability to work to time, budget and quality using hand-picked craftsmen.

New Building Construction

See how we turn your vision into reality. From initial concept and design to construction and finishing touches, our visuals will walk you through each stage of the building journey, providing insight and inspiration along the way.


Before any bricks are laid, the blueprint is made and the process starts. We clear the area allocated to your new home, level the ground and bring services such as water, electricity, gas, drainage and infrastructure for broadband and telephone lines and to the site.


Foundations are selected and designed according to ground conditions, the size and type of home. The foundations of a home are there to make sure that there is an even weight load distribution and transfers the weight of your home to the ground.

Walls & Roofing

The brickwork needs to be completed around the wall plate (piece of timber that sits inside the wall and the roof )at this stage. To complete this, the brickwork must be finished and the all blockwork on the underside of the wall plate.

Pipes & Wires

Before the internal walls are finished, plumbers and electricians install the cables and plumbing. These pipes consist of central heating, lighting, bathrooms and toilets, power sockets, smart technology and security devices. Once work is done, the walls will be finished with plaster or plasterboard dry-lining. Your home will really be taking shape now!

Fixtures & Finishes

Your home is now a bare but beautiful canvas, ready for the last stage. Skirting, architraves and doors are fitted in bathrooms, kitchen, wardrobes and cupboards. Your sockets will go in as well as the necessary facilities. To conclude, we conduct quality checks on every aspect of the work completed and allow the property owner to start their home.

On average a new home construction will take 6 months to complete. Each stage of construction can require varying amounts of time depending on the particular requirements of your house and land design. Meaning an accurate ETA can’t be given until the work has started.

Over the long term, a new build property can be just as good an investment as any other home. Although you may pay more for a new build property initially, over the years a new home has the ability to grow in value in the same way older properties can.

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to deciding between a new-build home or an existing property. It comes down to personal preference and what you want to get out of your new home. We advise to have all the information about your preferred property before going ahead. Need assistance? Click here.

Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service that exceeds your expectations. Contact us today to discover how we can assist you in achieving your dream home.