House Extensions

Your home is a living space filled with fond memories yet as time progresses, so does your desires and needs. Glenn T Harris can help you build a beautiful home while keeping its unique character and charm intact.

Specialising in house extensions, Glenn T Harris assists you in making your dream home come true. Extensions offer a transformative solution for homeowners seeking additional space. Home extensions can expand a dwelling seamlessly. Adding functionality and comfort while preserving the original house, achieved through careful planning and design.

Need a home office? Desire a gym room? Investing in your property value? Building an extension is the way forward. Multiple types of additions exist.

House Side Extension

Enlarge your kitchen or add a new area for functionality, such as a utility room. Building a side extension assists in a purpose for unutilised areas.

Rear/Front House Extension

Building an addition to the front or back of the home creates a new area suiting to your needs. It can serve as a garden room or a porch, offering natural light.

Wrap-Around Extension

As the name suggests, these additions cover the side and back of your abode. Generally, these extensions are used for a large space or multiple rooms.

House Extension Ideas

Need inspiration for how you would utilise your extension? An individual or family could have additional bedrooms, or a desire for a spacious, modern kitchen.

Each tailored to meet the unique needs and desires of the homeowner.

When considering house extensions, homeowners often find themselves inundated with questions, seeking clarity and guidance on the process ahead. By addressing these questions, property owners can make informed decisions as they begin the process of expanding their home.

Building regulations for house extensions vary depending on the build. For instance, you may need permission for a side extension. At Glenn T Harris, we ensure permitted development is in place for you, so you don’t have to. Want to view the list? Click here.

It depends on the design and materials you choose. For a front extension, it can take three to four months. If you need planning permission, it may take longer. Our team will discuss the estimated time with you before starting work.

The cost of an extension varies from £8.5k – £20k for a garage conversion to £40k – £55k for a home extension. However, these are average costs and it depends on what the individual requires. Contact us to receive free accurate quotes.

In most cases, it is possible to stay at your home. Especially if the extension is taking place in one specific area. If the homeowner can’t stay in their abode during this time, we will discuss before starting as well as provide options.

Adding a new section to your property is stimulating, however it is also a considerable investment. What are the benefits of a home extension?

  • Increased living space without the need for relocation,
  • Cost-effective compared to purchasing a larger property,
  • Customization to suit specific needs and preferences,
  • Versatility to add extra bedrooms, larger kitchen, home office and more,
  • Enhanced comfort and functionality within the home,
  • Potential to increase property value and provide a good return on investment,
  • Improved layout and aesthetics of the property,
  • Opportunity to express creativity and design preferences,
  • Avoidance of the stress and hassle of moving house,
  • Potential for future growth and adaptability as needs change over time,

We understand that your house is more than a structure – it’s a sanctuary, a reflection of your identity, and it deserves a partner that shares your dedication to preserving its essence. Glenn T Harris ensures that we apply these principles in the work we do. Interested? Get in touch with us.