Independent Living

Glenn T Harris Limited can adapt or extend your existing premises enabling people with disabilities to keep their independence. Under the guidance and recommendations of approved document access to and use of buildings and the Disability Discrimination Act 2005, we have carried out numerous home adaptations.


We’re trusted by commercial and domestic clients across the West Midlands to deliver a high-quality service. We assist in adapting a workplace or home for disabled people to be able to complete everyday tasks, to make life easier. From the modification of doors and doorways, grab rails in specific areas, the installation of wheelchair ramps, to the construction of disabled access bathrooms, we have extensive experience in daily living aids.

diabled toilet
alterated kitchen

Independent Living Aids

Individuals with disabilities often require specialized care equipment to support their daily living needs and enhance their quality of life. Disability equipment have an extensive range. From mobility equipment such as wheelchairs and walking sticks to assistive devices such as communication boards and hearing aids. It’s important to know which equipment you require.

For our wheelchair users, a ramp is beneficial for the long term. The ease of access allows the individual to remain in the equipment instead of having to step out.

Stair lifts is an alternative to ramps, convenient for interior stairs.  These devices move people and wheelchairs up and down stairs, along the staircase. Suitable for mobility scooter users.

Individuals who use assistive canes could find grip handles beneficial as they assist in supporting the body’s weight. Commonly placed in toilets.

Glenn T Harris provide personalised adaptations, more options are possible. View our services to understand what we are able to provide.

 These tools enable individuals with disabilities to navigate their environment, communicate effectively, and perform daily tasks independently in the long term with minimal assistance. Access to appropriate care equipment is crucial for staying safe, promoting autonomy, dignity, and participation in society. Tailored equipment not only helps individuals with physical limitations, but also promotes inclusion and equal opportunities for people with disabilities. Ensuring that everyone can live fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Independent Living is affordable accommodation that has been designed for older individuals to assist them to continue to live independently. It aims to promote independence and improve quality of life.

There are a collection of requirements in assisted living, the main few consist of:

1. Information
2. Peer Support
3. Housing
4. Equipment, Aid and Adaptions
5. Personal Assistance
6. Transport
7. Accessible Environment


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Sheltered housing and independent living share the common goal of providing older people with a supportive and secure living environment but differ in the levels of assistance and services offered.

Glenn T Harris was founded in 2003, eventually incorporating in July 2005. Having a long history in construction the business has gained a reputation for trust and reliability. We possess a long history of working in various sectors with numerous clients.

Glenn T Harris provides alterations in homes for people with disabilities. Want to adapt your workplace or home?