Independent Living Solution

Case Studies Our Independent Living Solution Introduction: Glenn T Harris, an experienced built environment specialist, took on the challenge of transforming a traditional residence into an ideal environment for independent living. The client, a middle-aged individual with mobility challenges, sought a space that would not only address their immediate needs but [...]

Historic Cottage

Case Studies Historic Cottage Renovation Introduction: Glenn T Harris, a seasoned built environment specialist, recently undertook the restoration of a charming 1920's cottage nestled in a historic neighborhood. The project aimed to bring the aging property into the 21st century while preserving its nostalgic allure. This case study delves into the [...]

Bathroom Renovation

Case Studies Glenn T. Harris Bathroom Renovation in the West Midlands Client Background: Glenn T. Harris, a reputable construction and renovation company, undertook a bathroom renovation project for a discerning client in the West Midlands seeking to revamp their outdated bathroom space. Objectives: Upgrade the bathroom to a contemporary design. Improve [...]